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Who wants to change the world?

Call me an idealist … call me crazy. Long hair don’t care.

I want to change the world. I want my life to mean something and my life to leave a profound impact on this world. I know … crazy right?

I’m working on something. Something big. Something that could change the world. I believe that the drive and passion of a few can effect change. We can build something … something that could change the world. I want to build a movement.

So my question is … who wants to change the world with me?

Pick yourself

No one is ever going to pick you. You’re not special. Maybe it’s the vast quantities of caffeine mixed with the passionate battle cry from a Seth Godin talk I just watched or maybe it’s lack of oxygen because I’m six thousand feet higher than I normally am. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of that.

I’m on a war path. Make epic shit. Stop talking about it. Stop complaining about it. JUST. DO. IT. Pick yourself because you’re not going to be picked by anyone else. You don’t need permission. Shut up and do it.

If you haven’t figured this out yet … this is more a statement to myself that it is to the world but in my circle of friends I feel it applies so it’s being posted online. And I don’t need your permission or appreciation. Long hair don’t care. It will resonate with some and piss off others.

That’s the point.

I’ve always felt this pressure/desire/passion/calling/inner gut mojo/strange feeling/whatever to change the world.

It’s time … I’ve sat on the sidelines long enough.

MediaTemple: Why I stayed

Godaddy recently purchased MediaTemple. This is why I stayed and didn’t abandon MT for someone else.

I’ve been a MediaTemple customer since March 2nd 2009 (I had to look it up …), I know that’s not a crazy long time but it’s a long time for me. They’ve been with me since the beginning of my venture into the interwebs. We have a relationship. I’ve been completely satisfied with my hosting. I’ve never had any major issues. They currently host 15 of my websites and I have a Grid Shared Hosting Plan.

Now Godaddy, I despise their former CEO, detest their commercials and hate their cluster that they generously call a user interface.

My love for MT trumps my hatred for Godaddy. Simple as that. I’m going to stay and give them a chance. We’ve all made poor / shitty decisions … I’m not saying this is one. I honestly don’t know yet. I feel like I should give them a chance and not just abandon the relationship I’ve had with them for years. So MediaTemple, I’m staying at least for now.

Please don’t disappoint me.

Freelance Advice

A friend shot me this text message and I thought I’d it could helpful for others so I posted it here. My comments are in red inline with the text message then I highlight some stuff below.

I know you normally get paid for this kind of advice (yes yes I do. Just give credit when credit is due.), so tell me if I’m overstepping my bounds(you’re fine.), but I want to go back to part-time jobs so I can put more time toward freelance gigs. I want to build an agency with two other people (who are the people?). We’d be a creative powerhouse, but we’re not very good braggarts or business people, so getting exposure and a decent pay isn’t a strong point.. Not to sound condescending, but you are good at those things. Question is, what do I need to do, or what do I need to let go of, to make this thing take off, and how do I keep it going?
1. Resume / Portfolio – not your personal hey look at this cool shit I made but make something for a bigger company. Like Target or Best Buy or something. Show that you have skills on a larger scale and can speak at that level. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if Target or Best Buy even use it or even know about it. It’s more about smoke and mirrors. Act like you rich. Or act like you know what you’re doing or hell my favorite Fake it until you make it.
2. You need a professional website, brand, logo, etc. Branding is huge. You can make something out of nothing with a little branding. Example – Drop of the Week. An idea into reality. It was pushed hard and fast and boom it’s something.
3. Networking – FRICK dude. Network network network. Like all the time. Don’t ever stop networking. Build that sucker. Go to coffee with people. Make a goal of meeting a new person for coffee every week. And that can be the play on how to get people to go to coffee. Everyone likes to know they’re important or wanted. “Hey you seem like a super smart dude. Could we grab coffee? I’d love to learn from you and kiss your ass a little” Don’t say the last bit but you get the point.
4. Keeping it going is hard. Get ready to put your hassle hat on. Don’t say no to ANYTHING until you can actually afford to say no. If you don’t know how to do something FIND SOMEONE who does or learn how to do it. Your clients are your most important thing. Treat them that way. They’re your piggy bank. Protect the shit out of them. Treat them like you’d treat your woman. No better.
5. Charge like you’re a pro. Don’t undercut …. ever. Charge like you know what you are doing. If you start low you’ll always be low. It’s hard to raise prices on clients. But if you start high fantastic. Keep them high.
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Drop me a line.